CEOS Development Environment

Data Discovery and Access

The WGISS Data Discovery and Access Interest Group will support adoption of supported WGISS standards (e.g., Open Geospatial Consortium, Catalogue Service for the Web and CEOS OpenSearch Best Practices) and definition of new ones, with the aim of connecting as many CEOS agencies as possible into the federated system.


The Interest Group is concerned with ensuring data users have easy and efficient ways of discovering and accessing data and associated services through the exploitation of standard protocols and the harmonising of search and data retrieval processes.

With the increased request for federated collaborative environment to access data and services, the Interest Group intends to explore scenarios for a federated authentication and authorisation mechanism.


Discovery and Access of satellite data and services is possible using:

  • the WGISS Connected Data Access(WCDA) – contains details about the CEOS Agencies’ data collections that are connected via the supported WGISS standards.
  • the Federated Earth Observation Gateway (FedEO)– FedEO (Federated Earth Observation missions access) provides a unique entry point to a growing number of scientific catalogues and services for, but not limited to, EO European and Canadian missions.
  • the CEOS WGISS Integrated Catalog (CWIC)– The CWIC Project provides the world’s satellite Earth observation data providers with a way to make their data collections and individual granules searchable using common standards.
  • the International Directory Network (IDN)– The CEOS IDN Master Directory assists researchers by providing free, online access to information on scientific datasets (metadata) in the Earth sciences, including geoscience, hydrospheric science, biospheric science, satellite remote sensing, and atmospheric science. This metadata describes data held by university departments, government agencies, multinational organizations, and other organizations all over the world.


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