CEOS Development Environment


The Microwave Sensors Subgroup

The Microwave Sensors Subgroup Mission is to foster high quality calibration and validation of microwave sensors for remote sensing purposes. These include both active and passive types, airborne and space-borne sensors.

Terms of Reference

The objectives of the Microwave Sensors Subgroup, beyond those of the WGCV, are to:

  • Facilitate international cooperation and coordination in microwave sensor calibration/validation activities by sharing information on sensor development and field campaigns
  • Promote accurate calibration and validation of microwave sensors through the standardization of terminology and measurement practices
  • Provide a forum for the discussion of current issues and for the exchange of technical information on evolving technologies related to microwave sensor calibration/validation

Action Plan

Currently, the MSSG Action Plan for accomplishing its objectives focuses primarily on currently operating, passive, space-borne microwave sensors and will extend to the next generation of sensors as well. The group intends to gradually increase its attention to active sensors over time. A focal point will be sensors aboard the EOS platforms of ESA, Japan, and the United States, which include both active and passive sensors covering a large part of the microwave spectrum.


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