Technology Exploration

Webinar 4: The OGC Coverage Standards Suite:  Introduction and Overview

Date: Friday, January 19, 2018   (Thursday, January 18 in Asia and Australia)

Time:   13:00 UTC (8:00 AM US EST).  Click here for your local time

Typically, “Big Data” in the Earth science domain arise from spatio-temporal sensor, image, simulation, and statistics data. The OGC coverage concept represents a unifying model for such data, based on which the OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS), as OGC’s “Big Data” standard, provides versatile functionality. Large and growing tool support as well as the massive data offerings existing – such as the Petabyte services of the EarthServer initiative – highlight relevance of these standards. This has prompted further standardization bodies such as ISO and INSPIRE to adopt these standards, too.

In this webinar, Dr Peter Baumann (Managing Director of Rasdaman) will present the coverage data and service definitions and their use for building portals, with special emphasis on spatio-temporal datacubes. Ample room will be available for Q&A.



The purpose of the Technology Exploration Interest Group is to serve as a forum for exchange of technical information and lessons-learned experience about current and trending software technologies, services and other WWW / Internet related software technologies. 

The primary goals of the Technology Exploration Interest Group are to:

  • Give CEOS/WGISS members opportunities to collaborate and discuss present and future technology solutions;
  • Research technologies that can help the Earth observation community be flexible and adaptable in their IT infrastructure;
  • Help facilitate CEOS/WGISS understanding of all generations of technology and support the implementation of both legacy and leading-edge technologies into Earth observation data systems;
  • Promote technologies in CEOS/WGISS that prove beneficial to the Earth observation community.


Please read the CEOS Data Application Report on Big Data and Cloud Computing.



Current Topics include:

  1. Big Data, HPC and Cloud Computing
    1. What CEOS needs? CEOS Challenges
    2. Distributed data centers
    3. Data processing (incl, Data cube)
    4. Data distribution
    5. Data Analysis
    6. API and use of standards
    7. Network (bandwidth, application)
    8. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Searching for free satellite data from CEOS agencies
    1. In suitable forms
  3. GCMD/IDN Keywords – what are they, how to add to these lists
  4. Search Relevancy for Collection searches
  5. Data Quality Semantics
    1. Augmentation of meta data
  6. Visualization of Data
    1. Web-based visualization
    2. Volume rendering
    3. Tiling
    4. Augmented Reality
  7. Using authentication/SSO
  8. Metrics of usage,  metrics of datasets
  9. Crowd Sourcing

Communication and Coordination

Please feel free to contact this Interest Group for more information:

Chris Lynnes – National Aeronautics & Space Agency (NASA)

Yousuke Ikehata – Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

(Note: The former Grid & Web Services Interest Groups merged to form this Technology Exploration Interest Group.)