The WGCV holds a Plenary meeting every nine months or so at a location hosted by its members.  Links to all relevant information on Plenary meeting minutes, agendas, and presentations over the last five years are found below.  To access meeting materials from meetings prior to the ones shown below, please contact the WGCV Secretariat.

Upcoming Meetings

There are no upcoming meetings.

Recent Meetings

WGCV-45 : Perth, Australia | July, 2019
WGCV-44 : Darmstadt, Germany | August, 2018
WGCV-43 : São Jose dos Campos, Brazil | April, 2018
WGCV-42 : Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA | May, 2017
WGCV SAR Subgroup Meeting : Tokyo, Japan | September, 2016
WGCV-41 : Tokyo, Japan | September, 2016
WGCV IVOS Subgroup Meeting : Beijing, China | July, 2016
WGCV Microwave Subgroup & GSICS/GRWG Microwave Subgroup Meeting : Beijing, China | July, 2016
WGCV-40 : Canberra, Australia | March, 2016
WGCV IVOS Workshop : Toulouse, France | November, 2015