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Recovery Observatory Project

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Space agencies already organize the emergency response after disasters (International Charter), but have little or no coordination for the post-crisis part of the disaster management cycle.

The Recovery Observatory is a CEOS initiative, led by Working Group Disasters, in order to handle this post-crisis phase. This initiative is based on Lessons Learned by CNES from Kal-Haiti project (precursor of a Recovery Observatory) after 2010’s earthquake in Haiti.

The Recovery Observatory aims at demonstrating the value of using satellite Earth Observations to support Recovery from a major disaster:

  • Assessment of damages on built and natural areas (detailed from response work)
  • Change monitoring
  • Reconstruction planning
  • Reconstruction monitoring


In support to the Working Group Disasters, WGISS have developed a tool allowing supporting the Recovery Observatory’s activities.


The services provided by the Recovery Observatory are the following:

  • A collaborative Web-based workspace, including
    • A public Web portal
    • User groups and communities collaborative tools (comments, posts, follow…)
    • User upload of reports, publications, added-value products, in Situ data …
  • A map display of full resolution geo-referenced images :
    • optical imagery (all types)
    • radar imagery (X, C, L-bands)
    • airborne data
    • License management
  • And products search capability with
    • multi-criteria search (including geographic and temporal)
    • map-based search

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact this Interest Group for more information:

Richard Moreno – French Space Agency (CNES)